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SOS INTENSE BTX Hair Repair Express Mask volume 1000 ml.

Express SOS Intense BTX mask is a real salvation for severely damaged, brittle, dry, dull, damaged and weakened hair that have been exposed to chemical or mechanical stress. The mask immediately animates, strengthens and nourishes the internal structure of the hair, giving them a density, strength and brilliance. Intensively moisturizes hair, facilitates combing, prevents damage and protects from negative environmental influences.

Active ingredients: treanine, serine, hydrolyzed keratin, soy and wheat protein, shea butter and sunflower.

Does not contain formaldehyde, does not cause allergies, does not zhirnit hair. Holding time – up to 20 minutes. 3 compositions for different tasks, can be mixed with each other.

Action: 3 weeks

£ 75.00