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Set Shampoo and mask BB Care After Nanoplastica 2*500 ml.

Enriched with amino acids, a non-sulfate shampoo and mask. Suitable for all types of hair and daily use.

Active ingredients: 7 hair-related amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, rose extract, panthenol, Shea butter, wheat germ extract, hyaluronic acid, phospholipids.

Shampoo BB Care After Nanoplastica does not contain aggressive sulphates, delicately and effectively cleanses the scalp and hair. Thanks to the presence of a large number of hair-related amino acids, shampoo strengthens disulfide bonds, as well as prevents damage to the external structure of the hair from the negative effects of the environment.

BB Care After Nanoplastica Rich Mask gently strengthens weakened after chemical effects of hair, returning them natural strength and shine. Promotes the restoration of previously damaged disulfide bonds, eliminates fluffiness, removes static, facilitates combing and styling.

£ 45.00